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Whether you’re in human resources or head an organization, you know that your success depends upon your employees. Who they are, the skills they have, and how dedicated they are will have a direct impact on whether you achieve your goals. To make it easy to see where you stand, we’ve compiled the data from hundreds of employee engagement surveys into a comprehensive benchmark report. Benchmarking this data can help you better understand how your company’s employee outreach is tracking over time and how you can improve it.

See how you’re doing by comparing the results of your employee engagement survey against the SurveyMonkey employee engagement benchmarks.

If you want to retain and attract top talent (and make sure your employees are motivated to give it their all) employee engagement surveys are a great place to start. You’ll learn how employees really feel so you can figure out how to make improvements and increase employee satisfaction.

When it comes to measuring employee engagement, the Employee Engagement Survey Template is a valuable tool. Our survey asks employees questions from how motivated they are to how they feel about their employee benefits.

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Maybe you’ve already sent the employee engagement survey to your employees. Or perhaps you’re planning on sending out the survey this year. But you need context to understand what your survey results really mean? If 67% of your employees say they’re inspired to meet their goals at work, how do you know whether that’s good or bad?

Knowing where you stand—and creating goals from there—takes perspective. Although “only” 67% of your employees say they’re inspired to meet their goals, you’d feel pretty good about it if you knew you were in the in the 99th percentile. We’re creating external benchmarks to help you get this deeper level of understanding.

Over the past year, hundreds of organizations across the country have used our Employee Engagement Survey Template to assess employee engagement to make informed decisions.

Here’s a peek at some of the data we’ve collected from the Employee Engagement Survey:

Employee engagement graph

Did you know that only 54% of employees agree or strongly agree that they are inspired to meet their goals at work?

Where does your organization stand? Download our employee benchmarking report today to see more results—and start setting smarter goals for your organization. Or see all the ways you can compare your survey data with other organizations with SurveyMonkey Benchmarks.

You can’t have real employee engagement without a sense of belonging. Our end-to-end guide includes free templates and expert advice for building an inclusive company culture.

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