What do you need from the International Society of Surgery ISS/SIC of tomorrow?

Thank you for agreeing to take part in this survey finding out what you, the medical professional, want from the International Society of Surgery ISS/SIC of tomorrow. We will be gaining your thoughts and opinions to better serve you in the future.

The survey takes about 2-3 minutes and will be included in a prize draw for one fortunate participant to receive a free registration at the 47th World Congress of Surgery 2017 in Basel, Switzerland. 

Be assured that all answers and opinions you provide will be kept in the strictest confidentiality.

Your ISS/SIC Team

* 1. Do you know what the acronym of ISS/SIC stands for and the community we represent?

* 2. Are you already a member of the ISS/SIC?

* 3. If you answered NO to the previous question, why are you not a member?

* 4. In your opinion, how can ISS/SIC best support and assist surgeons around the world to achieve their goals?

* 5. What is important within the membership package?

* 6. What is your level of experience?

* 7. Where do you work?

* 8. Where are you based?

* 9. How is the country you live in rated according to the world bank? (check here)

* 10. Please enter your year of birth

* 11. Your email contact (to make sure we can contact you in case you are the WINNER):