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Send polls, get notifications, and collaborate on surveys.

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Create a Poll

Settle a debate about a hot-button issue or optimize workflow with a one question poll, sent to your whole Team. Ask them who the next company speaker should be (Serena Williams, obviously) and book with confidence.

Add a survey to a Microsoft Teams Tab

Gather feedback on a survey you’ve created before you send it out to your customer base, student population, or event attendees. Once a survey or poll starts getting responses, pin it up, so everyone can see the results.

Notify the team

Help the team track their work.  Keep the team up to date with instant and daily notifications, when your survey receives a new responses. Set up notifications for new feedback comments, so survey owners can automatically incorporate improvements into their work.

How to Install

Install this integration by hitting “Go to Microsoft Teams” at the top of this page (you’ll need to be logged in to both your SurveyMonkey and Microsoft Teams accounts).

  1. To send a poll to your team, connect SurveyMonkey to Microsoft Teams. Then, using the Discover bots option in the search bar, connect to the SurveyMonkey bot and add it to your Team’s conversation with @SurveyMonkey.
  2.  To add a SurveyMonkey tab, click the + symbol next to “Conversations”, and decide what survey information (creation, results) you want to share with the team.
  3. To set up survey notifications, click on the channel you want to notify (in the sidebar), and choose “Connectors” under the ellipses. Then, search for SurveyMonkey.

Still have questions? Visit our folks over at the Help Center.


Send a quick one question poll
Share survey results with the whole team
Collaborate on survey creation
Set up daily or instant notifications for your surveys


This app requires access to:
  • Create or edit collectors for surveys in your account
  • View your surveys and those shared with you
  • Create or edit surveys in your account
  • View collectors for your surveys and those shared with you
  • View if surveys in your account have responses and their metadata

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