TruCentive Survey Rewards
The easiest way to deliver survey rewards
TruCentive Survey Rewards
TruCentive Survey Rewards
TruCentive Survey Rewards
TruCentive Survey Rewards
Easy install - Set up and automate survey rewards in minutes
Connect multiple surveys to different reward delivery strategies
Automate reward reminders and follow-up after a reward is claimed for additional engagement
We never charge for unclaimed rewards and incentives

TruCentive is the all-in-one rewards fulfillment and incentives delivery platform used by thousands of users worldwide to deliver gift cards and funds. Our SurveyMonkey integration provides seamless rewards delivery with complete control over your delivery from initial design to managing the approval process.

 Merchant Gift Cards

With over 3,000+ merchant gift cards in more than 150 countries, we make it easy for you to choose a gift card reward or curate a group for your recipients to choose from.  Our whole catalog option lets recipients choose their country and filters all available cards with category search and one-click selection.

Open Loop Cards – Visa and MasterCard cards

Include Visa and MasterCard as a standalone option or include them in your curated group of recipient options.

Funds Delivery

Include funds delivery in your curated options. Deposit directly to a recipient’s debit card, bank account, PayPal, or Venmo account.

  1. Design your thank you message. Your logo, your message, complete control.
  2. Select one or many reward options for your recipient to choose from.
  3. Set the value and availability of funds for your survey.
  4. Choose your process to deliver your rewards post-survey – automatic or with approval
  5. Test your process with sample rewards
  6. Go live and watch the results. Know exactly who and which rewards have been claimed

Deliver your rewards via SMS, email, or both! Your email address

With TruCentive you only pay for rewards that are claimed. We return 100% of unclaimed rewards back to your account or specified project automatically.

TruCentive is SOC2 Type II certified and a woman-owned business; learn more at