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At TGEU, we believe in engaging and supporting our members and strengthening their capacities to collectively and sustainably organise their activism. With this goal in mind, we are now inviting all member organisations to register for a   virtual 1-1  consultation call. 
1. Are you a TGEU member?
2. Do you know you can  book a call to get support in the following
  • Wellbeing, including activist and organisation wellbeing and burn-out prevention.
  • Movement building, including community organising, team building, facilitation, and networking.
  • Media and campaigning, including campaigns, communications strategy, and events organising.
  • Fundraising and project management.
  • Policy and advocacy, including designing strategies for engagement with key actors at national and regional levels.
  • Strategic litigation, including going to court using the European courts and international human rights law.
Our Community Building and/or Policy team are ready to serve and support you.  Book an -hour-long individualised consultation in English and/or Russian.