"Vitale Pause: Genial einfach - einfach genial!"


Question Title

* 1. Did you like it! Please give us a grade for your satisfaction in general. (1 = perfect satisfaction; 6 = complete dissatisfaction)

  1 2 3 4 5 6
grade/ mark

Question Title

* 2. How much fun did you have by reflecting...

  very much fun much fun fun less fun no fun
content and design of the mental and physical activity
your teacher

Question Title

* 3. Your teacher...

  always often sometimes rarely never
... has spread a good mood and created a positive atmosphere
... has well informed and explained
... was able to show us the movements correctly
... has inspired me through his to practice sports
... encouraged contact and discussions between participants

Question Title

* 4. Compared to the time before the mental and physical activity...

  strongly agree agree neither disagree strongly disagree
... my attention and concentration have distinctly improved.