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Comparison Leica M11 Firmware v 2.1.1 to v 2.0.2

Leica recently released firmware 2.1.1 for the various M11 models, which should fix many of the freezes.

We would now like to know whether you, as Leica M11 users, can confirm this in practice and in comparison to version 2.0.2 or whether you still find errors.

Important: Only answer this survey if you are shooting with an M11 / M11-P or M11 Monochrom and have the latest version 2.1.1 installed.

Thank you for your support!

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* 1. Which Leica M11 model do you work with?

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* 2. Did you have freezes with Firmware 2.0.2?

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* 3. What is the situation now with Firmware 2.1.1?

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* 4. If you still have freezes with firmware 2.1.1, can you describe in brief in which situations this occurs?

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* 5. May we contact you for inquiries? Please enter email or Leica Forum username