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Welcome to the Advanced Manufacturing company scan, which is part of a comprehensive Europe-wide methodology for assisting SME‘s in their transformation towards a factory of the future.

Seven transformation areas have been developed :

  • Transformation 1: Advanced Manufacturing Technologies.
  • Transformation 2: Digital Factory.
  • Transformation 3: ECO Factory.
  • Transformation 4: End-to-End Customer Focussed Engineering.
  • Transformation 5: Human Centred Organization.
  • Transformation 6: Smart Manufacturing.
  • Transformation 7: Value-Chain Oriented Open Factory.
These transformations constitute a framework for the analysis of the situation and development of your manufacturing operations. All transformations are equally important.

Please take your time filling out the scan as responsible as possible. The scan is intended to reflect your companies current situation towards becoming a factory of the future.

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Eligibility criteria for the ADMA Methodology :
  • Basic lean principles are already applied
  • CEO has a demonstrated innovation mindset
  • First innovation breakthroughs have already been realized
  • Customers are asking the company to move towards smaller lot sizes
  • The company's management team is fully commited and engaged
After completing the scan, you can get the help of a local advisor near you in your region.

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* 1. Personal Data Protection

On behalf of the European Commission, the ADMA project team will process the results of the survey only in order to draft a report. Your privacy, personal and company data protection will be guaranteed in conformity with the European Regulation (EU)2018/1725. Your data will be processed in a separate database from the results of the survey in order to guarantee the anonymity of the survey and will not link your data with other databases. For more information regarding the processing of your data, you can read the privacy policy or contact us via

This project is performed on behalf of the European Commission’s Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) under Service Contract GRO-SME-17-C-063.
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