The number of submissions to ICRA is trending upward. Acceptance rates have dropped to approximately 40%, the number of papers is typically around 800, and the number of attendees is typically just under 2000. As the number of ICRA submissions continues to grow, we can consider alternatives for future ICRAs. For example, some very large conferences have mostly posters or the equivalent. The alternatives below refer only to the main 3-4 days of sessions. Please choose one answer for each question (except one question as indicated).
(Please tick all questions marked with *)

* 1. How many ICRAs and IROSs have you attended in total?

* 2. Which category best describes you?

* 3. Type of presentation:

* 4. Acceptance rate and size of ICRA: We could

* 5. Format of ICRA.
Considering your answer to the question above regarding the size of ICRA, which of the following ICRA formats would you prefer?

* 6. How satisfied are you with the oral type of presentation

* 7. How satisfied are you with the interactive type of presentation

* 8. Interactive versus Oral Presentation. Do you personally prefer

* 9. If you had the chance to decide how to present your work, which type would you select

* 10. Format of Interactive Sessions.
Interactive “poster” presentations using a large LCD screen are a relatively novel format. How can we improve this type of presentation?
(Multiple responses are possible!)

* 11. Format of ICRA: one could add

* 12. Relation to IROS.
IROS and ICRA are the two large annual robotics conferences. Currently the IROS and ICRA formats, sizes, and acceptance rates are similar. Typically these conferences are held 5-7 months apart. Should the two conferences have similar formats or different formats?

* 13. Relation to IROS: one could also add

* 14. Other suggestions for ICRA and IROS: (please explain)