ESA Technology Transfer Competition

On behalf of the European Space Agency ESA, Brimatech Services GmbH is organizing a technology transfer competition to generate new ideas for successfully applying Space Technology on Earth. We are looking for your bold idea for new and revolutionary innovation using Space Technology.
Memory foam, freeze-dried-food, cordless-vacuums and of course space blankets are all spin-off technologies from space. The range of those technologies finding applications on Earth is far longer, but now - IT IS TIME FOR SOMETHING NEW!
We are looking for Space Technologies with a strong focus on hard- and software, such as materials, energy supply, propulsion, etc. Positioning and navigation, earth observation and satellite communication applications are not the focus of this competition.
Participation is very easy - tell us your idea and include the following:
  • Title
  • Description of the space technology or reference to the ESA IP (List of ESA IPs)
  • For which purpose do you want to use the space technology on Earth?
  • Describe the application area on Earth – What is the current state-of-the-art and resulting challenges?
  • What is the innovation, how do you want to apply the space technical solution?
  • What is the market on Earth – who is the customer?

Submit your idea until the 4.12.2022

Winners will be announced by the 13.12.2022

Evaluation criteria:
  • Realisation potential of the proposed innovation,
  • Innovativeness of the idea proposed, and
  • Potential market/benefit of the application on Earth.
  • Eligibility: Both, companies and inviduals can apply. As a company you have to be established in Austria. As an individual you have to live in Austria.
  • Application: Submit your application in time for our deadline on December 4th 2022. Only applications containing all requested information will be considered.
  • Evaluation: The jury will evaluate all ideas based on the Evaluation Criteria.
  • Prize money: The 3 best evaluated ideas will receive € 5.000,-- each. The winners will be announced on December 13th 2022 and the prize money will be awarded before December 23rd 2022 (just in time for christmas!).
  • Intellectual Property: All IP generated will remain with you. You may allow us to promote or develop the idea further.
  • Tax: The prize money might be subject to tax and it's the responsibility of the applicant to duly fullow applicable regulations. Brimatech as organisers cannot be held responsible for any tax consequences. 
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