Welcome to the TAFISA Membership Application Form

Thank you for your interest in becoming a TAFISA member.

TAFISA has three different membership types which are:
  1. National Members: umbrella institutions not specific to a particular sport, operating at the national level and promoting Sport for All and physical activity (e.g., Ministries, National Olympic Committees, National Sport for All Federations, etc.)
  2. International Members: institutions that promote Sport for All and physical activity internationally (20 national member organisations from 20 countries on 3 different continents)
  3. Supporter Members: organisations or individuals offering or actively promoting Sport for All and/or physical activity (e.g., municipalities, NGOs, academic institutions, national sport federations representing a specific sport, etc.)
Before starting the application process, please make sure that you have all the necessary documents in place as they must be uploaded in the following.  The necessary documents are:
  • Organisations structure (e.g. Organogram)
  • Board of Directors list including names and positions
  • Organisation statutes or constitution
  • Proof of payment of annual fee for current year (if membership is denied, this will be refunded)
  • A copy of the applicant´s certificate of legality as issued by the relevant authority
  • Signed TAFISA Mission 2030 Support Form (p.24)
  • Notes on applicant’s recent achievements in the field of Sport for All and physical activity
  • Notes on applicant’s future priorities in the field of Sport for All and physical activity
  • Motivational letter (why do you wish to become a TAFISA member)
  • List of National member organisations (For International members only; minimum of 20 national member organisations, from 20 different countries and a minimum of three different continents.)
Please be aware that only complete membership applications can be submitted. 

The TAFISA membership application is a voluntary process. Completing the application process does not guarantee the acceptance of the TAFISA membership. Your responses are confidential. Only authorized personnel from TAFISA will have access to raw data and responses that can be linked to individuals. Proper measures will be taken to protect your confidentiality. Any personal information collected during the survey is protected by the TAFISA privacy statement.

Please note that membership applications can only be approved at the TAFISA General Assembly which is taking place every two years. However, the Board of Directors can preliminarily review and accept or reject applications.

If there are any questions during the application process please do not hesitate to contact us at info@tafisa.org