Service Leaders Network: How contracts and remote have led the way through and out of lockdown

How contracts and remote have led the way through and out of lockdown – SLN Virtual Seminar 

For many equipment service businesses, 2020 has not been the anticipated disaster. Many have seen an increase in parts orders and those directly supporting production processes have seen their service business at anywhere to 90-110% of their 2019 activity. Why is this?  When we talked to the Service Leaders Network, it became apparent that those who had done well had a high penetration of service contracts and their customers had embraced remote support and diagnostics.

We believe that the discussion around the impact of service contracts and remote will now become more important as we ease into the post COVID era and companies decide where to invest. To help answer this question, we invite you to complete 4 questions which are designed to test the hypothesis:

1.       The revenues of companies with service contracts have done better through the Covid crisis

2.       That companies with remote support have greater contract penetration

All responses will be kept strictly confidential and will not be shared. All respondents will receive a copy and report of the results, as well as an opportunity to attend a 3hrs virtual seminar on 24 June at 14:00 CET.

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