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Zeppelin’s world is full of technical wonders and innovations. Sometimes, it is really hard to grasp the dimension of the machinery and engines we are dealing with.
Maybe you’d like to test your imagination and knowledge when it comes to MaK engines. Learn some interesting facts and guess the correct answers to our questions below. Have fun!

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* 1. A cruise ship like the AIDAnova is powered by four MaK engines (type: 16 M 46 DF). Each engine has an output of 15,440 kW (or nearly 21,000 PS respectively) and weighs ca. 220 tons.

Compared with an average car engine (for example VW Golf with 136 PS) that has an output of 100 kW:

How many cars (respectively car engines) would be needed to produce the same level of performance / output of one cruise ship?

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* 2. Considering the engine’s output of 15,440 kW, a lot of input, e.g. fuel is needed to produce the energy: approximately 70 tons of diesel fuel daily, which corresponds to 84,500 liters.

How often could you fill up your car’s tank with the same amount of fuel (when your car has a 60-liter-tank)?

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* 3. One engine aboard works about 5,000 hours annually. The usual life circle of an engine is 25 years which sums up to 125,000 working hours for one engine. Compared to the average mileage a car runs in 25 years – how far would you have gone?

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* 4. A 16 M 46 DF engine measures 11,88 m in length in total. Do you know to how many feet that corresponds?

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