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Thank you for completing this survey on patient and visitor aggression in healthcare.
The survey is conducted by the International Research Collaboration on Clinical Aggression (iRCCA) and it includes countries Australia, Austria, Canada, the United Kingdom (UK), the United States of America (USA), Germany and Switzerland. The study is conducted under the lead of Prof. Dr. S. Hahn, Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH), Switzerland. It is funded by the BFH, The Lindenhof Stiftung, Bern, Switzerland and the Swiss Nursing Association.

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Please read the following information carefully before taking the survey.

Project background
Patient and visitor aggression (PVA) includes 'all verbal or physical behaviors from patients or visitors that threaten, attack or injure a person (psychologically and/or physically). The purpose of this survey is to gain an overview and compare the current situation regarding PVA in psychiatric and general hospitals in Canada, the United Kingdom (UK) and the United States of America (USA) from the nurse managers' perspective.

 Who is invited?
–      Nurse managers and assistant nurse managers of all management levels
–      Persons responsible for nursing education
–      Nursing experts from general and psychiatric clinical settings

Your participation is entirely voluntary and independent of your employing organization. You can stop completing the survey at any point, but since the data collection is anonymous, we cannot remove any information and might use this for analysis. You can, however, manually remove any data yourself by unchecking your answers, going backwards through the survey using the 'backwards' button at the bottom of each page. The questionnaire design does not allow for skipping questions (indicated by an asterisk* in front of all questions). However, based on your answers, some questions will be automatically skipped if they do not apply to you or your professional situation.

Data management
All information collected about you will be kept confidential (subject to legal limitations). All data from this survey will be retained according to the University's policy on academic integrity. Data will be kept securely in paper or electronic format for 10 years after completion of the project. Data generated in Canada and the USA will be analyzed and stored according to local legal data protection and governance requirements at the respective university sites.
Potential benefits for participants
There are no immediate benefits to completing the survey, but your answers are important to deepen the current understanding of PVA in healthcare and to develop appropriate training courses on this basis.

Possible risks for participants
According to our experience with this survey in other countries, it is highly unlikely that participation in this study will trigger difficult feelings. If such feelings should arise, we encourage you to discuss them with friends or family. In severe cases, you should contact national helplines such as the Crisis Services Canada (Canada) or Samaritans USA (USA).

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