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Potential Influence of Psychedelics on Cognitive Performance and Purpose-Seeking Behavior.

Dear Participants, 

I am a Scientist and Entrepreneur conducting a preliminary study about the potential influence of classic psychedelics on cognitive ability, various performance indicators and purpose-seeking behaviors of employees and entrepreneurs. 

My goal is to advance the scientific understanding of those fascinating compounds and how they can benefit us. The collected data of this survey has the potential to help develop a formal, scientifically important research study.

This survey is approximately 15 minutes, consisting of 52 questions
PS: it’s fun and you may find it useful to revisit and reintegrate your previous psychedelic experiences. 

Let's talk confidentiality! This survey is completely anonymous. No personal identifiable information is collected and no IP address recorded. The analyzed and anonymized results may be published or presented. Response from the open-ended questions may be quoted. If specific, identifying information is provided, the response will be edited to protect your privacy. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to me via You can find more information about me on Linkedin

Many thanks for sharing your personal experiences and laying the foundation for pioneering work!

Claudia Schaller, PhD

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* 1. Are you over 18 years old?

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* 2. Did you have at least one psychedelic experience that you consider as meaningful? Meaningful is defined as having an important learning with impact on your life either personally or professionally; the learning was either experienced during the session or at anytime in the weeks after.

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