Thank you for joining the survey. We are thinking about adding *time* to the privacyIDEA policies. This way the policie will only be valid during the specified time period. This can be used to only allow access during certain times. Only allow administrative tasks and whatever is ruled by a policy.

You may take a look at the github issue:

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* 1. There are at least two possibilities for the overall behaviour of the time part in the policies. Based on the time definition the policy may either match or not. 1 or 0, black or white.
OR we could in case of authentication do something like warn if it is outside of the timeframe.

But what is it worh, if we warn outside of the timeframe?
If an attacker would attack outside of the timeframe the warning would be too late.

If a user tries to login outside of the timeframe, he will contact the helpdesk for reconfiguration.

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* 2. Time format
In which way we should specifiy the time?