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Thank you for showing your interest to participate in the study. 

Your participation in the study will allow Flo Health UK Limited (hereinafter “Flo Health”) to determine and analyse self-reported health benefits related to the use of our app. We want to know whether Flo application improves your reproductive and pregnancy (if pregnant) knowledge and health as well as your general health and wellbeing. Read more about the study here.

If you decide to participate, we will collect your sensitive personal data such as: ethnicity, level of education and income, current reproductive health goals, your medical history of health conditions, use of healthcare resources, your relationship with a partner, and overall quality and satisfaction with your life and wellbeing. In addition, we will collect your email address to link your survey data to Flo app usage data (e.g., accessed content, used features, time spent in the app, frequency of use etc.) for the purpose of getting a better understanding of whether the level of engagement with the app influences the level of health benefits obtained. Providing the information is voluntary, but if not provided, you may not be able to participate in the study. 

During the research analysis stage your responses collected for the study will be aggregated and de-identified, meaning that you will not be personally identified from your responses. We might use this aggregated and de-identified data for research purposes and for creation of marketing materials with study results. You can read more about the types of research we do here

Information on personal data that is processed when Flo app is in use can be found in Flo Health’s privacy policy here. There you can also find all information related to your privacy rights, retention terms and security of your personal data.
We will never disclose your replies or sell your personal data to any third party. All surveys are being carried out through our third party Survey Monkey. To read more about Survey Monkey and its privacy practices you can do so here.

If at any time you wish to remove yourself from the study and would like to request your personal data to be removed, please contact us by
By choosing to complete the survey, you agree to Flo Health processing your sensitive personal data for the purposes of analysis as described above.

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* 1. I agree to the processing of my personal data under the above-mentioned terms.

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