* 1. Are there people or groups that inspire you to intervene in a transformative way in your everyday life, as part of your job or outside of it? Are there practices that you would take as an example of sharing, of an alternative to competition, of (re)organization from below – horizontal or transversal?

* 2. Can you recall a situation where you have subverted, bent, ignored or modified a rule of your everyday life, as part of your job or outside of it; inside or outside an institution; in your relationships with your colleagues, with strangers, friends or relatives? What did you do? Were you by yourself or together with others? What was the result? How did you feel?

* 3. How do imagination and creativity take place in your work and in your everyday life? Do you exercise your creativity individually or collectively? Is it a creativity that brings you some kind of happiness? If yes, how and why does it brings you happiness? Do you think it’s a creativity which has to do with forms of exploitation and self-exploitation that labour inevitably implies?