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Dear participant,

Thank you for participating in this survey. It will take about 5-20 minutes to complete the questionnaire, depending on your answers. 

As part of the Erasmus+ project ICIinSMEs, we are interested in finding out if and how SMEs implement customer-based innovations and which digital tools they use. It will be helpful to understand the barriers and advantages involved. In the last part of the survey, we want to collect best practices examples from SMEs for SMEs. Your information is very valuable for us, because we will develop specific training and education measures for SMEs based on the insights provided by you. This survey is anonymous, however, you may leave your e-mail address voluntarily at the end of the survey for further correspondence. Please note, that we do not pursue any commercial interest.

This is what we understand as “customer-centric innovation”:

In the customer-centric innovation approach innovation is done with customers – companies and customers create innovation together. “In customer-centric innovation the customer takes an active role in innovation processes and becomes the primary source of ideas to initiate innovation activities. By integrating the customer-centric innovation philosophy, companies open their research and development activities, meaning that the innovation process happens with input from inside and outside of the company. Customers are involved in all stages of the innovation process.” (Desouza et al. 2008; Steinhoff & Breuer, 2009; Zajkowska, 2017)

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* 3. How many people work in your company?

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* 4. How long is your company already operating?