Pilots Registration for "Warbird Fly-In" at 11. August 2018 at Birrfeld/LSZF

This is the registration form for pilots and warbirds who intend to participate the 2018 "Warbird Fly-In" of the CAF Swiss Wing at Birrfeld/LSZF on 11. August 2018.

Registration is open only for "Warbirds" (Aircraft, which at any time have served in any Air force, be it as Liaison-, Training- or Fighter-Plane).

Please note that your registration is only valid after it had been confirmed by the "Swiss Wing".

* 1. Pilot Information

* 2. Aircraft Information

* 3. Co-Pilot Information

* 4. I have already participated "Warbird Fly-In 2017"

* 5. Disclaimer: I understand and accept that I intend to participate an event that is not an airshow and not a commercial operation and that all regulations of the airport Birrfeld/LSZF do fully apply. I also understand and accept that my registration will only be valid once it is confirmed to me by the "Swiss Wing".

* 6. Comment / Question: