Welcome to the Network and Map of Funders!

The CSA FOODPathS will build the prototype of the future Partnership on Sustainable Food Systems. Under this premise, we want to build a Network of interested Funders who are willing to shape and prepare the future funding in the Partnership. Together with you we would like look at the opportunities and limitations, best practices and mechanisms that help to align funding strategies and practices. Our aim is to create a framework for future funding that supports high quality research all over Europe and beyond, that enables dedicated systems and multi-actor approaches and that is inclusive and impact-driven.

With this short survey, we ask for your willingness to join the Network and the Map of Funders.

The Network
is meant as group of funders who are interested and motivated to get involved in the preparation towards the future funding within the Partnership on Sustainable Food Systems. All funders are invited to join!  In the Network we aim to create a place for dialogue, sharing of information, practices, needs, visions and concerns. We will offer several events for active exchange (funders forum, mainly online) and will prepare some recommendations and guidelines.

The Map will be displayed on the FOODPathS website and will give basic information about interested funders for the future Partership on Sustainable Food Systems. Being part of the map is no formal commitment and completely voluntary.

In case of questions, please contact us:
Nikola Hassan: n.hassan@fz-juelich.de
Frank Hensgen: f.hensgen@fz-juelich.de

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