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Innovation plays a crucial role in driving progress within and around the European seed sector, bringing advancements that are pivotal to address the evolving challenges in agriculture and ensuring sustainable food production. The Euroseeds 2024 Congress launches the "Euroseeds2024 InnovAction Stage'', a platform to showcase the latest innovations that have the potential to reshape the future of the seed sector in Europe and beyond.

Start-ups, SMEs and public-private partnerships are offered a unique opportunity to join an international competition and spotlight their latest cutting-edge technologies, products, and services and to be selected as ''Euroseeds2024 InnovActor".

At the heart of the InnovAction Stage is the opportunity for companies to deliver concise, impactful presentations lasting a maximum of 10 minutes, followed by a short interactive Q&A session of 15 minutes. The sessions will take place on a dedicated stage seamlessly integrated into the congress's exhibition and trade area, optimizing visibility and engagement for presenters and attendees alike.

With more than 1300 attendees from all the leading European and international plant breeding, seed and seed related businesses, the Euroseeds Congress provides the ideal fertile ground to present new services and products, engage in conversations with potential partners and customers, and understand what political, regulatory and economic developments will drive the sector in the coming years.

The 2024 edition of the InnovAction Stage will focus solely on technologies and products relevant to or supporting plant breeding (plant research and breeding related innovations). Please keep in mind that the Euroseeds2025 InnovAction Stage to be held in Edinburgh, UK, will then focus solely on seed related innovations such as seed production, seed quality assurance, seed treatment, packaging, marketing etc..

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