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Our brand-new EU-co-funded project called 4S will provide a cloud-based software solution which empowers the users to map and monitor seafloor habitats, morphology and depth from the comfort of their office.

4S will make use of Earth Observation data together with users’ own data which are being analysed in a workflow of state-of-the art algorithm modules – all in the cloud!

We are right at the beginning of the development and would like to hear your needs and wishes for such a service! For this purpose, we created an anonymous 5-minutes online questionnaire and would highly appreciate if you could fill it in.

4S is formed by QPS (NL), Fugro (DE/NL), Smith Warner (JM), Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche ISMAR (IT), HCMR (GR), and Instituto Hidrográfico (PT), Länsstyrelsen Västerbotten (SE) and led by EOMAP (DE).
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