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Some information on what "Sensual Birthing" means:

Sensual Birthing, to me, means that you have come to your senses, that you have become a sensual woman, a woman that is very aware of her senses, trusts them and knows how to use them for her benefit and integrates this into her birth experience. Sensual Birthing means you are centered in your body, you know your emotions, your body, your mind, your spirit & your soul, you are well prepared. You have healed what could be healed & embraced what couldn´t. You are consciously creating your birth surroundings, you are using your pure life force energy to design your birth experience.

You are dancing your dance.

Does it mean everything is going to be an easy walk with no pain at all? No. But it means you have acquired good recources to deal with what´s coming your way. You have trained your intuition. You have trained your body. You have aligned your mind. You have awakened your inner goddess & therefore have access to your inner wisdom. You know the power of breathing & sounding. And you´re ready to surrender to the magic of birth.

Some women describe their sensual birth experience as being in a hightened and ecstatic state of consciousness with no pain at all, while others feel some kind of pain or intense energy at times and total bliss at other times. Some experience their sensual ecstasy during the opening phase, while others feel waves of pleasure as the baby emerges.

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