Applying for Little Travel Society with your own hotel or cottage

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50% of survey complete.
Dear hosts and hostesses!
I am happy and feel honoured you would like to become part of Little Travel Society!

Short introduction: You will need approximately 10-20 minutes for the the 10 questions. Please, don´t get confused by the short text boxes - they are endless. You can write as much as you like. The more the better... Fee free to fill in the form in English, German, Spanish or French.
What happens next:  I will do some research and will surely have some questions to you. Then I will ask my travelscout families if they know your place already. If not, a travel scout family is going to visit you. If you want to offer something (free dinner, free weekend etc...) as an incentive to visit you you can specify this in the form. After visiting you they will also fill in a form. If their impression is positive your review can go online. I will happily give you feedback about it!

Dear host(ess), many, many thanks for your effort!